P&O Cruises Online Discounts – P&O matches Travel Agent Prices

The team here at Cruise-Traveller has been doing some price testing on P&O Cruises website and have been surprised by what we found.

We selected a range of P&O cruises across 2011 and 2012 and compared the prices on the P&O website with those offered by leading names such as Iglucruise, Gills, Cruise.co.uk and LowCostCruising.

In the past these online travel agents were able to undercut the P&O website by giving away some of their commissions to customers. P&O was in the news a few months back when they said they wanted this practice to stop.

In the cruises selected for our tests we found that prices offered by P&O’s own website and these leading cruise travel agents were all exactly the same. That’s a first!

On digging deeper we also found that P&O’s own website is charging zero credit card fee for 2011 bookings. That makes P&O Cruises own website the cheapest option for those who like to have the added protection and ease of paying by credit card.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that this trend will continue and we always suggest shopping around but for now it seems that booking directly with P&O Cruises online may just get you the best deal!

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