P&O Cruises Arcadia World Cruise 2013

This is the itinerary of the 2013 World Cruise of P&O Cruises Arcadia.

Arcadia’s South America and Pacific Adventure – J301
From £8,999 pp

Ship: Arcadia
05 Jan 2013 for 99 nights. 32 ports in 19 countries.

Date Port
09 Jan 2013 Tenerife – Spain FULL DAY
15 Jan 2013 Recife – Brazil FULL DAY
18 Jan 2013 Rio de Janeiro – Brazil FULL DAY AND EVENING
21 Jan 2013 Montevideo – Uruguay FULL DAY
22 Jan 2013 Buenos Aires – Argentina FULL DAY AND EVENING
23 Jan 2013 Buenos Aires – Argentina FULL DAY
25 Jan 2013 Puerto Madryn – Argentina FULL DAY
27 Jan 2013 Port Stanley – Falkland Islands FULL DAY
28 Jan 2013 Cape Horn – Argentina AT SEA
29 Jan 2013 Ushuaia – Argentina FULL DAY
30 Jan 2013 Punta Arenas – Chile FULL DAY
31 Jan 2013 Amalia Glacier – Chile AT SEA
01 Feb 2013 PIO X Glacier – Chile AT SEA
02 Feb 2013 Chacabuco – Chile FULL DAY
03 Feb 2013 Puerto Montt – Chile FULL DAY
05 Feb 2013 Valparaiso – Chile FULL DAY
15 Feb 2013 Papeete – French Polynesia FULL DAY
16 Feb 2013 Bora Bora – French Polynesia FULL DAY
21 Feb 2013 Suva – Fiji FULL DAY
23 Feb 2013 Noumea – New Caledonia MORNING
25 Feb 2013 Brisbane – Australia FULL DAY
27 Feb 2013 Sydney – Australia FULL DAY AND EVENING
28 Feb 2013 Sydney – Australia FULL DAY
04 Mar 2013 Dunedin – New Zealand FULL DAY
05 Mar 2013 Lyttelton – New Zealand FULL DAY
06 Mar 2013 Wellington – New Zealand FULL DAY
07 Mar 2013 Napier – New Zealand FULL DAY AND EVENING
08 Mar 2013 Auckland – New Zealand FULL DAY
11 Mar 2013 Pago Pago – American Samoa FULL DAY
12 Mar 2013 Apia – Samoa FULL DAY
17 Mar 2013 Honolulu, Oahu – Hawaii FULL DAY
22 Mar 2013 San Francisco – USA FULL DAY AND EVENING
23 Mar 2013 San Francisco – USA FULL DAY
27 Mar 2013 Acapulco – Mexico FULL DAY
28 Mar 2013 Huatulco – Mexico FULL DAY
31 Mar 2013 Transit Panama Canal AT SEA
02 Apr 2013 Curacao – Netherlands Antilles FULL DAY
04 Apr 2013 Barbados – Barbados FULL DAY
10 Apr 2013 Ponta Delgada – Portugal FULL DAY
14 Apr 2013 Southampton – Great Britain DISEMBARK

Bursting with Latin passions, South Pacific colour and Australian adventure, this stunning 99-night cruise with Arcadia takes in some of the world’s best-known sights.

After a call at Tenerife, you’ll cross the Atlantic for Recife, sometimes called the Venice of Brazil thanks to its waterways and bridges. The country’s capital, Rio de Janeiro offers a host of must-see sights, including the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer. Within a few yards of the cruise port at Montevideo, you’ll find a bustling market whilst the old town is rich in history, attractive gardens and grand squares. In Buenos Aires, head for Plaza Dorrego in the trendy Recoleta district to discover an authentic slice of Argentinean life.

From Puerto Madryn you travel to Port Stanley in East Falkland and, after cruising around Cape Horn, Arcadia reaches Ushuaia, otherwise known as the ‘Town at the end of the world’. A cruise through the Beagle Channel brings views (and smells!) of rocky outcrops teeming with seals and birds whilst your next call is the small Chilean port of Punta Arenas. Once you’ve passed the Amalia and PIO X Glaciers, there are stops at Puerto Chacabuco and Puerto Montt before Valparaiso for visits to Santiago.

An early evening cruise by Easter Island’s enigmatic and isolated giant-heads is unforgettable and, a few days later, you’ll pass its nearest neighbour, Pitcairn Island 1,200 miles away. Tahiti’s cosmopolitan capital, Papeete is next before Bora Bora; Suva, capital of Fiji; and Noumea. Brisbane provides your first Australian experience followed by Sydney, a capital that always lives up to expectations.

The spectacular scenery of Milford Sound welcomes you to New Zealand and the ports of Dunedin; Lyttelton, for trips into cultural Christchurch; Wellington; Art Deco Napier; and Auckland, where you can take a full day tour to the remarkable geysers and mud pools of Rotorua.

Blessed with many natural wonders, Pago Pago in the South Pacific is your next stop followed by the magical Samoan capital, Apia and then Honolulu. San Francisco’s, improbably steep streets are simply breathtaking whilst in Acapulco you can watch the world famous cliff divers at La Quebrada plunge into the swirling waters below.

Beach-lovers are spoilt for choice at Mexico’s first eco-tourism resort, Huatulco before Arcadia transits the Panama Canal for the Caribbean islands of Curacao and Barbados with one final call in Ponta Delgada in the Azores before arriving back in Southampton.

There is more information on the P&O Cruises website.

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