Celebrity Eclipse Cruises – Don’t book forward for 2012!!

It’s clear Celebrity are really struggling to fill the Eclipse sailing out of Southampton. A real shame as she’s a beautiful ship.

On May 2012 sailings they are now selling cabins at less than half the prices paid by people who booked early. We’re not just talking about a handful of cabins. There’s hundreds at this price!

Celebrity have a promise that if you book early and they reduce the price before you sail they will refund the difference. However they are getting around this by clearing out the surplus cabins through only certain agents like “Readers Offers”. If you check the Celebrity website you can’t see these amazing deals.

We spoke to someone today who is due to sail on the Eclipse in May and had paid full price. They had just spoken to Celebrity who said nothing could be done and the low prices currently being offered are only for new bookings. They are even now offering suites for lower prices than forward bookers have paid for standard cabins.

One Celebrity customer told us that they are looking at cancelling their September 2012 Eclipse cruise when the balance falls due in June. They would lose the £150 deposit but would then look to pick up a half price deal on the same ship nearer to the sailing date. This could save them thousands of pounds.

Celebrity have just released their 2013 cruises and some of the prices seem a lot lower than the equivalent cruises in 2012.  If you’re looking at an Eclipse cruise in 2013 then booking now may be worth it.  If you’re looking at 2012 cruises then you may do better to wait for a late deal based on what we’ve seen so far.

Celebrity need to be a little careful that they don’t alienate their loyal regular customers by bombarding the market with news of huge discounts on the prices that their forward booking customers have paid.

We’ve heard from some very unhappy Celebrity cruisers. :-(

PS. With all this price cutting will the service and quality onboard suffer? Surely they must be trimming costs. Another whammy for those who have paid full price!!

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