Celebrity Price Promise? Has it gone?

In 2011 Celebrity were making a big deal of their “Price Promise” to assure customers that if they booked their 2012 cruise early and the price subsequently dropped they could ask for their booking value to be adjusted down.  Great!

However …. 2012 summer season is here and prices have fallen.

We know of regular cruisers who have paid £2300pp for balcony cabins on a May 2012 cruise only to see Celebrity offering ‘balcony guarantee’ cabins for just £950pp.  They are selling thse cabins as grade ‘X’ for example.

Celebrity have refused to amend to the lower price because ‘it is a different pricing code’ to the specific grade ‘SV’ booked by the customer.  A convenient technicality!!

Even worse, the actual SV grade cabins are now being advertised at £1950 on the Celebrity website.  The very same ‘pricing code’.

This appears to be a massive case of ‘mis-selling’.  Celebrity sold cruises on the basis of having a “Price Promise” and are now refusing to honour it.

We know of plenty of regular Celebrity cruisers who are refusing to book cruises ahead due to the massive price cuts they are seeing.

There may be trouble ahead!  :-(

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