Celebrity Eclipse 2012? Consider cancelling your booking ….

If you’re booked on the Celebrity Eclipse from Southampton this summer it may pay you to cancel your booking and look around for a cheaper deal.

With Celebrity booking deposits being just £150 it may pay you to lose your deposit and book one of the amazing late deals on offer.

One Celebrity cruiser and his wife booked last year for an Eclipse cruise departing in June 2012.  They have paid nearly £5000 but if they’d booked a similar balcony cabin today it would only cost £2000.  Dave said “With hindsight I should have cancelled when the balance fell due and looked to rebook.  It would have saved us £3000.  I feel quite sick about it”.

Members of the team here at Cruise-Traveller have a total of 8 Celebrity Eclipse cruises booked for Summer 2012.   The balances start falling due in June and none of us have any intention of paying them.  We all intend to cancel and book a late deal, either with Celebrity or a competitor.  P&O and Cunard have some fantastic deals at the moment as all the cruise companies fight for business.

Our advice is that before you pay the balance on your booking do some shopping around.  You may make a considerable saving that more than makes up for the loss of your deposit.

P&O Cruises Special Offers and Deals

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