We Love the Adonia!

After over 20 years of cruising and watching cruise ships get bigger and bigger we were starting to lose interest.

The big ships really didn’t work for us. We mainly cruise to visit new destinations and these big ships mainly seem to dock in the same old year after year freight container ports. We found the big ships too overcrowded and they also attracted a new breed of cruisers who were less used to the old traditional cruising values of patience and courtesy.

So we tried the Adonia! Wow! How refeshing. A lovely Country Club feel throughout. Boarding and disembarkation was a breeze with just 700 passengers. The ship never ever felt crowded. The small Adonia Theatre Company were outstanding. Everybody was friendly and relaxed… both crew and passengers.

Our cruise tooks us to some lovely smaller ports and we docked right in the heart of the action. No shuttle buses. Fabulous. Exactly what we wanted from a cruise.

So we’re busy looking at what else we can book on the lovely Adonia from P and O Cruises .

Much of the winter Caribbean season seems to be booked up now but there’s still some great deals for summer 2015.

We’re waiting in eager anticipation to hear what P&O have planned for the Adonia in Summer 2016.

It looks like P and O Cruises have won back a customer! Thank you Adonia. :-)

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